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The same things suck in 2000 that sucked back in 1999. But as the year goes on, I probably will, unfortunately, discover more to add to this list.

WASTE: people who take a bite and throw the rest of the food away; throwing away perfectly good paper, magazines, clothing, etc. that could still be used by someone. Rampant in our current culture; which has been rightfully called "the throwaway society."

MEAN PEOPLE SUCK: just like the bumpersticker says. What IS the point of being a jerk or a bitch?

PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO SHUT UP: I've known folks who could talk for 20-minutes without stopping. Almost nobody is THAT interesting. If other people interrupt you, it's probably because you are off into monologue-land. Conversation is a 2-way street.

DOMESTIC SHIT: covers the nasty crap like cleaning, ironing, cooking, sewing. I could almost believe that God IS male, to traditionally keep trying to assign that role to us females.

SENSELESS NOISE: unless it's good music, or insightful conversation, does it really need to be out there?

PEOPLE WHO SLACK OFF, BUT EXPECT TO BE PAID ANYWAY: nothing wrong with slacking off on your own time. But I'm continually amazed at the folks at work who do as little as possible. What if they were paid as little as possible? I think that would be just. Maybe it would change their "let the other person do it" mentality.

PEOPLE WHO DO THAT LITTLE AS POSSIBLE ONLY WHILE THE BOSS IS WATCHING: most of the above people fall into this category. I've known some very intelligent bosses, why are they so dimwitted about this? It brings me to the next listing:

STUPID, BLIND BOSSES: unfortunately covers just about all of them. I knew of a guy who claimed, "my employees all honestly like me, they never try to brown-nose or suck up." Really? How unlikely, I thought. Later in privacy his wife confirmed that, yes, the employees really did suck up, a lot. She's a smart woman. She should be the boss. But somehow the blinders come on together with the boss hat.

DE-CAF COFFEE: should be prescription only since it's used for health reasons.

IMPEACHMENT "HEARINGS" AND TRIAL: Unbelievable that it could go this far. As if this remotely compares to Watergate.... Historians looking back on this era will deem this farce as a "sex-witchhunt" Why don't we just swear in some Sex Police right now?!