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Moon sign is second only to your sun sign in importance in your astrological chart. Your particular moon sign will indicate how you deal with your emotions.

Moon Signs

Fiery, impulsive emotionally, hot to handle, a wonderfully loyal friend and partner. Aries Moon people will go all out for their friends and loved ones, a fighter for justice and the underdog. They see themselves as a sort of modern-day knight. They don't listen well, have a short attention span. Capture their interest with short sound bites; they haven't the patience for long rambling stories.

Calm, mellow, genial, usually very pleasant people. Taurus Moons are quiet, except with people they know well. They are receptive rather than outgoing. Money is very important to them, as are creature comforts. Don't be fooled by their gentle outward demeanor, they can be very stubborn and as much of a fighter as an Aries Moon when crossed. They like people and are quietly sociable.

Rational, calm, logical person, who sometimes can privately fly into hysterics. You will not see this side of them unless you know them very well. Usually a great wordsmith both in speech and in writing. Try not to get into a debate with them unless you are also a Gemini Moon. They are curious and very sociable; always searching and poking around. Gemini Moons have a great sense of humor.

Deep, sensitive, caring, easy hurt, emotionally timid, wonderfully loyal and helpful. It will take a long time to get to know them; they will not bare their soul to just anyone. Most people don't qualify to get into a Cancer Moon's private club of nurturance and caring. This is just as well, as Cancer Moons will do almost anything for those they love, and would soon be worn out trying to nurture the world. Friends are like family to them.

Warm-hearted, jovial, loyal, fun-loving person, a great friend to hang around with, always up to some great adventure. Leo Moons are emotionally hot people, impulsive in love and in friendship. They often enjoy sports and games, some also enjoy gambling. They are sociable, outgoing, and shine in groups. Often they have artistic talent, or at least like to perform.

Quiet, sensitive, practical, great at giving advice, help, and finding out information. Virgo Moons are loyal friends, rather critical lovers, who always check out the details. They are utterly dependable and are often taken for granted by other moon signs. They remember birthdays, anniversaries and the significant dates of others - they are very hurt if you don't remember theirs.

Smooth, sociable, hard to know what they are really thinking under that polished exterior. Libra Moons are party and people-lovers, usually great flirts who don't mean anything by it, they just like to network and connect with other people. This also makes them good business-people. Libra Moon people hate arguments, but are not above starting one themselves to liven things up or to just see what will happen.

Intense, secretive, you will never know them unless they let you in. They are fanatically loyal to those few people that they like, the rest of the world had just better watch out! Nobody is capable of being meaner than a Scorpio Moon person who has been crossed, nor more gentle to someone who needs help. They have strong opinions, and consider themselves a law unto themselves.

Fun-loving, quite the kidder, hard to know where you stand with them; probably with a whole bunch of other friends, groups and hobbies. These people are fiery and impulsive in love, but also capable of moving on quickly unless you can hold their interest. They are imaginative and creative, fun to be with. Most have a philosophical bent, especially as they get older.

Serious, a gathering sort of person, slow to change, usually quiet and hard to know. Capricorn Moons often fall into one of two extremes, the saint or sinner. A saint Capricorn Moon will literally give you the shirt off his/her back and not ask for anything in return. They often do unseen good deeds for other people. The Sinner Capricorn Moon usually has been badly hurt in relationships and is bitter and vengeful - watch out for this type. A Sinner Capricorn Moon sometimes turns into the Saintly type.

Emotionally quirky, a really fun friend who is imaginative, creative, oddball, and hard to pin down. Sometimes they can be hard to locate, not that good at keeping in touch, they are off pursuing a new passion. Aquarius Moons can surprise others with their stubbornness, they appear to be the jolly, laid-back type of person - really they are not. Aquarius Moon people are scientists and thinkers who are secretly trying out some of their futurist ideas on the rest of us.

Gentle, dreamy, peaceful, Pisces Moons can fool you because so many of them put on a rough and tough exterior to protect their vulnerable insides. They really are magic fairy people who live in a different dimension than the rest of us. Pisces Moons are unbelievably loyal and idealistic about the people they love. This means that they have gotten hurt a lot in life, people being what they are. A Pisces Moon may feel sorry for itself, but never loses idealism or the desire for romantic adventures.