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Horoscopes for April 2000.


The spotlight is on you, Aries go-getters. Pluto may stir undercurrents of discontent regarding you personal philosophy of life. You may also be having inner doubts of religion or faith. This ought to be a great time for you materially, but don't overspend. Saturn is prompting you to take responsibility for your money.

Pluto's regeneration urgings are on your area of life involving love, children, creativity. Expect subtle changes in those areas. Jupiter is sitting in a prime spot for you to travel or to return to school for additional learning. Venus in your partnership house makes this is a good time for socializing or finding that special someone.

You are still into a deep change and even a period of internal upheaval. There has been a lot happening in your life lately. Deep, profound changes and hidden things are coming up to light. Your life seems to be changing, but really it is you who is changing. Having a kind or even a professional ear will help you sort it all out. Writing in a journal will also help you to understand what's going on inside of you. The current position of Venus makes this a good time to redecorate or to find love at home!


You have a push-pull effect going on in your life because of Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is urging you to expand and Saturn is forcing you to take responsibility for your actions. Mars supplies the energy for fresh starts. You could continue to get a lot done in your life. Don't forget the inner you; spiritual issues are currently strong.

This is still a time when you are able to do wonderful, magical things with health and work; also a time when you could be deceived in some way regarding those two areas. Dramatic internal things are still coming up for you regarding your past family history and childhood. There is a lot of sorting out to do and dealing with old feelings that have suddenly reoccurred. Jupiter can suddenly give you things, like winning prizes or contests, financial windfalls. But Saturn in the same house demands that you handle your winnings, other people's money, or unearned resources wisely.

Lots of action for you in the areas of children, creativity and love. You could be lucky in those areas, as long as you act responsibly. Venus is encouraging you to take short trips, scope out your neighborhood and communiate with others.


Friends and associations are lucky for you now. You could be expanding outward to find new friends. Good things can come to you through friendships. Don't take your friends for granted, be grateful for their help! Health and work are where your underlying changes are happening. You are still revamping how you view and deal with those areas. You may have gone on a diet, started a quit-smoking program or begun other lifestyle changes. This is an excellent time to be successful at those!

Luck with partnerships and in dealing with the public. You may realize how serious a particular relationship has become, make a commitment to your partner, or decide the relationship is not working and needs to be changed or left behind. Saturn = hard work, and that is what partnerships require from you now. Still, Jupiter is also in that area of your life expanding love and love possibilities.

Good time socially for you, and most Pisces love a good time! Communication might be both a lucky and a touchy area for awhile. The real world is intruding upon your wishful thinking in this area. You are being required to take responsibility for what you say, what you write, and even for what you think. But as long as you do that (take responsibility) this is an opportune time to speak or write your piece.


Unforeseen good luck may pop your way. People may give you valuable things. This is because you have been good to them and the karma is coming back to you. Work and career may also be good for you now. Socializing could get you a lucretive job offer.

You are undergoing deep changes in your communication area; learning about the powers and the abuses of communication, and taking your part of the responsibility for them. Social opportunities at work. This is a good time to begin new health or exercise routines.

You are currently remodeling your exterior and how you anifest yourself into the world. The homefront is an area of new expansion, and also new responsibility. Pluto is still sending you lessons on dealings with friends and organizations, about the uses and abuses of power.