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Astro Page

Triple Earth By-Pass

Astrology has been called the world's oldest profession, but I think the job areas of research and chef came first; exploring the environment and preparing food were essential to survival.

Astrology has no strong scientific or logical basis. The premise of astrology is that the planets influence us here on earth. Science has proven the moon influences us, but the effect is a subtle one. If the moon, close to us, has only a minor effect, how could a planet like pluto influence us?

Having said that, I recommend you to try astrology. Discover for yourself, illogical or not, it works! Get your natal chart done, keep up with transits and progressions.

Naysayers, not Soothsayers

I have found that the people who dismiss astrology are usually of three types (with subtypes):

(1) The religious person, who is afraid of the occult and it's power, wants to play it safe with a nice little god.

(2) The scientific person, proud of their thought processes. In their logical and scientific mind, they feel that astrology is beneath them, a lowbrow entertainment of the masses.

(3) The person who has dabbled a little in astrology and claims, "But it doesn't work, all Leos are not alike!" Duh, people who only delve into sun sign astrology are missing the whole point. Comments like "Does a Pisces get along with a Taurus?" are a good clue to that mode of thinking. I feel like #2 above about those type of folks ;) They are using astrology as entertainment when it can be so much more. Use it! It will be to your own self-knowledge and growth, and beats chanting affirmations all to heck.

Astrology Can Help You:

Find a lover and/or soul mate, often the primary interest of Sun
Sign Astrology fans.

Understand other people; communicate with them.

As parents to point out strengths, overcome weaknesses, in
yourself and for your children.

For career guidance, to find the work that would make you happy.

For personal guidance. Astrology is your personal counselor.

In the timing of important decisions, by using the transits, as
mentioned above.


Want to learn more about Astrology? On the right side of this page is an awesome link to astrological information on transits, articles from astrologers, and good chats to learn more.

FLAVOR OF THE MONTH - What's in store for you this month?
My own monthly horoscope predictions are there too. Keep in mind that these are sun sign-type predictions, thus very general predictions. To receive an accurate reading, you would need to have an astrologer look over your natal chart and give you an individualized, personal horoscope. Still, the general reading can help give you the tone or flavor of your upcoming month.